Staying Connected

December 13, 2016

Happy senior couple surfing the internet with laptop computer and tablet

Fear of the unknown is one of the most common reasons humans miss out on acquiring new skills and experiences. As quickly as times change, technology changes even quicker. Here are some reasons to stay connected and ways to actually enjoying the technology around you.

Stay connected to your family: According to gerontologists, “learning new technology skills helps lessen isolation.” With technology, the people you love most are literally only one press of a button away. Creations like the grandPad allow you to connect with your family by simply tapping a picture to make a video call or send a voice message. By downloading the associated grandPad app, relatives can communicate to and receive video calls and messages from their beloved senior. With technology like grandPad, never again will distance prevent seniors from staying connected to their grandchildren as they grow up.  

Stay connected to safety: Technology brings assistance in an emergency one click away. With a device like PERS (personal emergency response system), seniors can enjoy independent living while their families enjoy peace of mind.

Stay connected to growth and development: Video games are great for seniors! Playing games like Nintendo Wii Sports keep seniors moving and help preserve fine motor skills. Other apps like Lumosity help the continued growth and development of brain activity over time. Plus, games like these are another fun way to spend an afternoon with the grandkids.

Stay connected to medical management: Organizing medical history and medication just got a whole lot simpler. Apps like RXmindme, Personal Caregiver, and Pillboxie provide reminders to seniors regarding their medications. The app Pillboxie color codes medications to help seniors remember what medications to take, when.

No fear, here! We hope you enjoy making memories with the grandkids and the increased quality of life staying connected offers.

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