Seniors Using Technology

August 3, 2017

Technology use is increasing rapidly in today’s world.  Since the debut of early personal computers, the use of these machines has grown exponentially today, with each year adding brand new gadgets and ideas and developments.  Everyone seems to be adopting these new technologies, and seniors are no exception.  According to some recent research, as much as 59% of seniors, or people 65 years and older, use the internet.  Here are some of the reasons why adopting new technology use may be beneficial to seniors.

  1. Stay in contact! Through cell phones and email and social media such as Facebook, messages and calls  to your loved ones can be sent immediately.  This can be especially beneficial with regards to keeping in contact with younger family members or friends who live a long distance away.
  2. Have a library at your fingertips.  For those who enjoy reading, e-books, or online books, can be downloaded instantly with devices such as a Kindles or similar e-readers, and many tablets or smartphones.  Similarly, audiobooks can be also downloaded easily. Often times, your local library has many e-books and audiobooks available for library card holders at no additional cost.
  3. Learn something new.  Using internet search engines such as Google Search can bring about the answer to nearly every question you might have.  This skill can be invaluable when it comes to learning new things.

Wherever you are in your technological capabilities, there is always room for improvement! Learning to use technology does not need to be frustrating or confusing, as there are many services out there to help. Here are only a few of the many resources around to help you develop your skills with technology.

  1. Check with your local Library.  Libraries will offer classes on how to improve your use of technology and it can be a great use of your time to learn directly with help from a librarian.
  2. How-To books.  Books can provide a lot of information and help you with the step-by-step process of learning something new.
  3. Online resources.  While it may seem like an oxymoron to use the internet in order to learn how to use the internet, it can also be an incredibly useful tool to learn with the help of video tutorials. The AARP Academy offers video tutorials such as these on their website here. 

Whether you are proficient in technology use already, or are hoping to improve your skills now, we hope that these tips with help you use technology with ease and less frustration.  Learning new skills are an excellent way to sharpen your mind.  We at Tealridge Assisted Living and Memory Care community hope to come alongside of you and improve all parts of your retirement living, providing a friendly community of like-minded adults in an exceptional retirement community and staff eager to help you with whatever you may need. Contact us here for more information.


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