The Psychology Behind Moving As A Senior

July 27, 2017

As people age, it becomes more common that they will choose to move, whether houses or even cities.  The draw to move comes from several different motivators, some of the happier motivators being choosing to live closer to grandchildren or other family members, or the more challenging motivators, such as coming to the realization that a beloved home is simply too much work to maintain.  In any situation, there are many challenges, especially psychologically, to overcome as the transition is made.  According to Senior Living Magazine here are some common stumbling blocks, as well as some ways to help.

  1. But the house is like ‘part of the family!’ For many seniors, especially those who have lived in the same house for many years, there is a sentimental connection with the home. As the question comes about whether or not to make a move, for those who have the memories of their children growing up in the house, or the memories of a life together with a beloved spouse intensifies the connection felt.  This connection is normal, and very common. It is okay to love your house, and it is also okay to move on.  The act of moving itself does not erase the many happy memories.
  2. It is too much work to move. The thought of packing up all the belongings in your house can be daunting.  Looking around at the many items collected over the years and choosing which to donate, throw away, or bring along can be frustrating and overwhelming.  To help with this first step in the process, certain companies specializing in downsizing homes have found that it can be helpful to first choose where to go and what to bring with you, and even move in to your new home before returning to clear out the house and sell it.  By dealing with all the things left in the house after the initial move, the process can be made much easier!
  3. I am comfortable enough here – why should I go someplace unfamiliar? This protest is also a common one, and one that has a somewhat simple answer: as long as you or your loved one is being cared for and is not in any sort of danger, it is ultimately your choice to move or not move! However, it should be noted that if you recognize that there could be benefit to moving, it is worth a second look.  Although a new home may not be familiar, there can be many benefits in the end, making the move worth it.

With these tips, we hope that some of the thoughts behind moving as a senior can be identified a little bit clearer for you or your loved one. Exploring your options for moving, even before making a final decision to move, can be incredibly beneficial to help envision and prepare ahead of time.  Tealridge Assisted Living and Memory Care community offers tours of our location to give you a glimpse of life at our community.  Contact us here for more information.


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