Older & Happier

January 5, 2017

Group of friends relaxing sitting on garden seat

Top 5 ideas and suggestions from Dag Sebastian Ahlander’s book, “Older And Happier!”:

  1. Keep in mind that time is short but life is long. You have had a long life and seen so many changes and events. It is not that life is short, but the time remaining is short. Grab hold of life right now and make something great of what is left. The road doesn’t go on forever and we are on the homestretch.
  2. First and foremost, be a happy old man! The most important thing is to accept your age and enjoy it’s many opportunities. Greet each morning with smile. Everything depends on your attitude and health. Let your perspective expand. Accept life’s terms and make the best of them. Forget all the bad things that have happened in your life and just move on.
  3. Don’t become a micromanagement guru. Don’t dwell on the small things like you did for years at work. Try to see the bigger picture. Throw out old papers and things that never gave you pleasure. Don’t hoard.
  4. Live in the present. Nothing says old age like living in the past. Don’t fight the times. Everything didn’t used to be better.
  5. Let go of former prestige. Men especially have identified too heavily with their careers. Give it up. The hierarchies are gone, how liberating! Talk with each other on a level field and you will have a more active social life.

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