In-Home Senior Safety

January 11, 2018

Family members and loved ones are what makes life meaningful, and their safety is always a concern, especially as our loved ones begin to age.  Little accidents at home can turn into life-threatening events without care and attention. Prevention of these accidents is key! But where should you start? Let us help! According to here are some of the biggest areas of concern when it comes to protecting and preventing your loved ones from becoming injured in an accident at home.

  1. Safety rails. Installing safety rails or grab bars throughout the house is a common recommendation for seniors living in their own home, but often people simply utilize the preexisting things, for example, towel bars and toilet paper holders, as a placeholder.  Unfortunately, these can cause serious accidents should they pull away from the wall. Be sure to have securely installed grab bars and safety rails in stairways and in bathrooms, or anywhere else your loved one is likely to need extra support.
  2. Tripping/slipping hazards.  Slick tile, loose throw rugs, uneven floor (or pavement outside), even the bottom of the bathtub are all potentially dangerous hazards to slip or trip on.  Remove any loose items and keep walkways clear and as even as possible, as well as providing non-slip mats to slick floors.
  3. Lighting and electrical cords. Sufficient lighting can make a huge difference in avoiding hazards, especially when it comes to dimly lit hallways or stairways.  Electrical cords are another hidden danger which is easily solved by firmly attaching the cords to the walls.

Simple awareness and quick fixes throughout these and other areas of the home can help prevent disaster from striking in your or your loved one’s home.  At Tealridge Assisted Living and Memory Care, we are committed to keeping you safe, and we offer a secure, beautiful, and homelike community with plenty of support for whatever stage of retirement you find yourself in. Contact us here for more information.


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