7 Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

January 17, 2018

Are you a forgetful person? Constantly forgetting exactly where you put your keys is certainly annoying, but is not necessarily by itself a symptom of a larger problem.  As your mind ages though, more & more things seem to slip through the cracks.  It does not have to be this way! Here are some tips & techniques from mayoclinic to help keep your mind as sharp in your 80’s as your 20’s.

  1. Stay Active – In the same way that physical activity helps to keep your body in good shape, mental activity keeps your mind in good shape! Learn to play an instrument or learn a new hobby, complete crossword or math puzzles, anything you can do to keep your mind active!
  2. Be a Social Butterfly – Keeping up your social calendar helps to prevent depression and fight off stress, which keeps your thoughts clear and your mind healthy!
  3. Organize everything – Focusing on one task at a time is not always possible, but keeping your surroundings tidy will minimize distractions and maximize your memory by focusing on the task at hand rather than wondering about dusting or that stack of papers.  Keeping a small notebook to record and remember important things such as a grocery list is beneficial as well.
  4. Get Some Zzzzz’s – Regular, healthy sleep cycles is an incredibly important part of keeping your mind sharp. Make getting enough sleep a priority.
  5. Balancing Act – That foggy feeling after you eat too much junk food is not just an imagined thing… maintaining healthy eating habits truly affects your mental health as well.
  6. Physical Wellness – Including some sort of physical activity in your daily life is important for many reasons, but especially because when your heart gets a-pumping, there is increased blood flow to your brain.
  7. Take Care – You should never neglect your own health, especially when it comes to chronic conditions.  Not only will avoiding a doctor’s instructions lead to worsening symptoms of your condition, but it may also lead to additional memory problems.

Taking preventative steps to ensure your memory now can truly help you in the long run.  If you are interested in taking more steps to improve your retirement living, Tealridge Assisted Living and Memory Care can help! Click here for more information.


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