Stress Management Tips For Seniors

September 11, 2020

Jot-It-Down: Stress can be a signal that the worries of life are getting backed up in your mind. Take a few minutes to make a list of what is bothering you. Expand the items, as necessary, to add additional details and to brainstorm solutions.

Read Words of Inspiration: Sometimes the mind can get stuck on problems and it may need a little nudge to move on. Reading inspirational words can get your mind onto more peaceful subjects and provide a respite from the things that are causing stress.

Give Thanks: It’s a fact that getting in the habit of naming 3 things per day for which you are thankful can not only boost your mood, but increase your happiness. This, in turn, can lower stress levels and help you face another day.

Play with a Pet: Those cuddly companions can do wonders to relive stress. If you don’t have your own pet, find a friend who does and enjoy the fluffy, unconditional love of a furry friend!

Mix up your routine: Boredom tends to increase anxiety levels, which can increase stress. Look for ways to incorporate little changes in your day, such as taking a different way home from the store, going for a walk on a different path, or go to a coffee shop to read a book.

Engage in Self-Care: Self-care is a lot more than just brushing your teeth and taking a bath. It also includes finding activities that feed your soul and fun things that get you to play. Yes, play is still so important, even as a child. Being silly and laughing is a fantastic stress reducer.

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