Seven Dimensions of Healthy Aging

December 14, 2018

Beyond simply choosing healthy foods and exercising, healthy aging incorporates a whole spectrum of areas in life. It is equally important to maintain each of these areas, or you may fast find yourself with “something missing.” Learn more about each of these areas below, thanks to

  1. Emotional Wellness – Like it or not, our feelings greatly influence the way that we experience life. Healthy emotional wellness involves knowing how to deal with issues that arise in an appropriate way, and can make a huge difference in the way we react to life.
  2. Cognitive Wellness – It may not seem like it, but taking the time to actively engage your mind in activities which stimulate your brain is incredibly important, especially for aging brains! Exercising creativity through art, completing a puzzle, or even just trying something new is a great way to maintain cognitive wellness well throughout your lifetime.
  3. Physical Wellness – Of all the aspects of healthy aging, this one may be the most familiar to many people. Eating nutritious foods, keeping up with medical recommendations, and maintaining an active lifestyle are all aspects of physical wellness.
  4. Vocational Wellness – You finally made it to retirement – now what? Completing some sort of work provides a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Helping others, volunteering, even hobbies such as arts and crafts all contribute to your overall vocational wellness!
  5. Social Wellness – Healthy social interactions with the people around you is also an important part of healthy aging! Friends, family, and neighbors all incorporate a social component of life which is important to maintaining your overall well-being
  6. Spiritual Wellness – Whatever your personal values or beliefs may be, finding a purpose in life is transformative.  Spirituality, whether individual or in a group, can really add to your health.
  7. Environmental Wellness – The atmosphere around you can subtly influence how you think and process, and can benefit or harm your health based on its many different factors. Cultivating a safe space will reduce stress and increase happiness, which will in turn affect your overall health!

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