Senior Living Transitions: Decorating

June 8, 2018

When the time comes for you or your loved one to transition into life at a senior living community, moving can seem to be overwhelming. However, your new apartment is a blank canvas for redecorating! By taking the time to carefully decorate your apartment, your transition will be eased as you begin to feel more at home and comfortable in a beautiful space filled with some of your favorite things.  Here are some tips for decorating a senior living apartment from!

  1. Take your favorite things into consideration.  For example, if you or your loved one have a particular affinity for the color blue, try to keep true to that! Don’t get carried away finding beautiful things that have no significance.
  2. Don’t replace everything all at once.  There is absolutely no need to replace every single item as you transition into your new home. Items that carry emotional attachment can be easily incorporated into the design of your new space.
  3. Don’t try to overcrowd.  Attempting to relocate all the items from your previous home, especially if it was a larger space, will only frustrate you and may even be a potential danger. Clear out unnecessary items and save room for the important stuff.
  4. Small things make a difference.  Some retirement communities don’t allow for a change in paint color or other major items within an apartment.  However, some beautiful art or family pictures can help personalize those blank walls and make a big difference.  Similarly, a houseplant or some flowers (real or artificial) can also make a huge difference in the appearance of the room.

All in all, moving into a retirement community should be a beautiful chance to make your space your own and improve your overall well-being. At Tealridge Assisted Living and Memory Care, we are committed to making sure you feel at home, no matter what stage of retirement you are in. Contact us here.


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