Four Ways Seniors Tend To Be More Spiritual As They Age

September 27, 2018

No matter what religion you may or may not adhere to, a healthy sense of spirituality can be a common thread in many peoples’ lives. Spirituality, according to oxford dictionaries, is “The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”

According to here are four ways that seniors as a whole tend to adapt into becoming more focused on spirituality as they age.

  1. DO vs. BE As we age, it becomes more and more obvious to us that the things we DO are less important than who we are. Spirituality gives us a sense of purpose and direction in our being, even as we lose some of our energy or even ability to do certain activities that used to give us identity.
  2. Redefine Life’s Significance Seniors are generally better settled in and better acquainted with the questions that derive from trying to figure out life’s significance. Spirituality can help seniors to define what it means to live a life of significance and to settle some of those questions.
  3. Reminisce on Life’s Experiences Inevitably, as we look back on our lives and our past experiences, we will find ourselves remembering and reminiscing over significant events that impacted us. This in itself is a form of spirituality, looking to see how we as humans were shaped and formed by our life events.
  4. Grief and Loss Another aspect of life as we age is that we will come increasingly familiar with loss, as we deal with the grief that comes from losing our dear loved ones, whether unexpectedly or after fighting a long battle. Spirituality can help bring some perspective in the face of such grief and loss.

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