Family Not Facility

June 8, 2017

Many adult children and seniors take an extended amount of time researching communities to potentially move to. Aside from the logistics and finances, one of the biggest selling points is the community, the people, the daily interactions with the people you are going to be living the rest of your life with. Every person wants to join a genuine community of people, a ‘family’ outside of their real family, a place to fit in and feel welcome.

Here at Tealridge Assisted Living & Memory Care, we provide this healthy and welcoming environment from the get-go. From our friendly staff, intentional providers and caretakers, to the active involvement and activities for all types and levels of people, to the cozy, home environment – We are a family. Not only do we have diversity, high-quality care, and positive reputation, but we really CARE about you and your loved ones, from beginning to end, in and out of each day.

When you move into Tealridge Assisted Living & Memory Care, you join a family. When you decide to change your entire life and move into a new place, you want it to be a comfortable place, a safe place, a warm and welcoming place, a home and a family. That’s why we thrive on local leadership, are well-known in the city and state and have very satisfied residents. Visit our website, contact us, or schedule a tour and see why so many call us ‘family.’

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