Building Community Throughout Retirement

August 31, 2017

Aging brings its own set of challenges, one of which is loneliness. Loneliness creeps into our lives and can lead to isolation and even depressed feelings.  Trying to form new relationships can seem intimidating and communities of like-minded people can be difficult.  But do not despair! There are many people searching for the same sort of community in their retirement living as you are.  We at XYZ retirement community would like to offer you some tips on how to build up a community wherever you are.

  • Volunteer: After retirement, you may be celebrating your newfound freedom from the daily grind of work.  “Why would I want to volunteer to only do more work?” you may ask.  The truth is, volunteering is much different than a normal job.  If you can find an organization which you truly believe in, and select carefully the amount of time you work, volunteering is a fulfilling way to spend your time and meet new people.  You may be amazed at how quickly friendships come to be while also making the world a little bit better.
  • Clubs: Even something as simple as a love for reading, a gift for knitting, or a common interest in playing pool can make a very fun group and an excellent community builder.  People of all ages can share interests and connect with each other while also enjoying a favorite hobby.  Keep an eye out for preexisting groups like these or start your own.
  • Exercise Classes: Physical fitness is important. Even better is having fun with friends while also exercising! There are many exercise classes specifically created with seniors in mind, meeting anywhere from local community centers to a nearby park.  Exercise has never been so fun!
  • The Old Fashioned Way: Get to know the people around you. Neighborhoods seem to be increasingly isolating as people tend to enter and exit in a never-ending cycle of busyness and activities.  Taking the time to be neighborly and bring over a small treat or say hello can help to break the ice.

Breaking out of our normal routines can be uncomfortable at times, but as the saying goes, “if you keep on doing the same thing, you can’t be surprised when you keep getting the same result.”  Other options for defeating the loneliness include making a move to a retirement community full of friendly people to make you feel welcome – like Tealridge Assisted Living and Memory Care retirement community! Contact us here.


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